To-Read in 2017

This year I’m going to try to be more intentional about what I read. I have an enormous list of books on my informal to-read list, but in a typical year, if I’m not careful, I end up reading a lot of casual “fun” books, like murder mysteries. It’s not that there is anything wrong with those, or with just wandering the library shelves and picking out what looks good, but I’ll never make it through my list if I’m not more disciplined.

Here’s what I’ve got down so far. I am hoping that if I put the list out there for all to see, I will actually stick to it!


My favored genre is literary fiction and I’ve still got some big gaps in my reading of the classics (a few of these are old books in other genres that have stood the test of time).


The Tenant of Wildfell Hall


The Vicar of Wakefield




Father Brown

silent planet

Out of the Silent Planet


With every passing year, I regret the learning that I did not pursue. I would like to say by the end of 2017 that I am closer to being an expert on something. My “something” of choice is South Carolina history, particularly the South Carolina low-country during the colonial and Revolutionary periods. If anyone out there knows of any great resources in this area, please pass them my way!

Down by the riverside

Down By the Riverside

revolutionary mothers

Revolutionary Mothers

black majority

Black Majority

“In-the-Know” books:

I don’t know how to categorize these books, other than to say that I want to stay an informed citizen. These two books purport to speak to the issues and upheavals of the last couple of years.


Hillbilly Elegy

jim crow

The New Jim Crow


Theology is an area where I need to expand my thinking and not rely solely on my own ideas.

none like

None Like Him


The Epic of Eden

big truths

Big Truths for Young Hearts


Humble Roots


I know that the majority of my reading in 2017 will be plain old fiction. These have been getting great reviews.


A Man Called Ove


A Gentleman in Moscow


News of the World


If I can stay half-way disciplined, look for reviews of these books to be coming soon. What is on your reading list for 2017?